My Pagan Purple Heart

I’m afraid that unless I find a voice-dictation solution soon, posts to this site are going to slow for awhile.

I was helping to set up the ritual fire circle at Ignite last Thursday, and I fell from the back of a large pickup truck, belly-flopping onto the road with my left arm underneath me.

It swelled instantly, but we (the onsite nurse and I) concluded it was a bad sprain, wrapped it, and I started a regimen of icing and NSAIDs. The pain was pretty serious, but manageable, and I went on to have powerful, beautiful experiences at the three all-night fire circles that followed.

On Monday, after my return, I went to urgent care.

Turns out, I have a bad break of my radius, and I will need surgery. I have been referred to a hand specialist.

I’m not sorry I stayed at Ignite. I really needed the love and transformation to be found in the fire circle and its community. But now, I have to contend with the aftermath, and part of that is that my writing is reduced to one-handed hunt-and-peck. It’s slow, and tiring.

I’ll be back up to speed as quickly as I can.

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