KARMANETICS :experiment to uncover the possibility to attract

KARMANETICS : an experiment to discover the opportunity to draw excellent and bad good fortune

Ive been a dedicated Christian (Methodist) all my existence till i discovered the bullshit in my bible.

After locating a lot racism, machismo, chauvinism, slavery, rape, torture, violence and so on in maximum other bibles too, I got here to the conclusion that i used to be hypnotized. First via my mother and father, then in college, then by the minister of the church, then with the aid of the tv and press, by means of my acquaintances and my authorities.

Hypnotized into having religion in a faith which I did no longer pick out.(If i used to be born in Iran Im positive i’d be a Muslim, or if i used to be born in Tibet, or India of path i’d not were a Christian.)

i am sincerely no longer an atheist due to the fact I do consider in God or a god or a regularly occurring forcehoweverreligions are all bullshit to me now. I came across a site referred to as KARMANETICS wherein they talk about luck and dreams. First I notion it became just any other crappy new-age or witchy pagan membership or even a sect, however notso. Its this sort of brief easy theory that I determined to strive it out for a month. basically karmanetics is based totally at the principles of karma however with the power to manipulate and control it (not like Buddhists and Hindus) Karmanetics concept up an test (15 years investigation) to find the answer to producing goodgood fortune. Then the test becameplaced into actual exercise with actual human beings to find out a ensuing formulation for attracting proper or terriblegood fortune.

(L= a x (p+d) good fortune = moves instances ardour plus preference). In a nutshell, I attempted it and it appears like Ive been born once more into a lucky individualthe world is top notchlife is any such pleasure whilst you recognise the way to play. I experience so powerful knowing that i can gain anything I need. Miracles do now not exist but you cannonetheless get anything you need with the butterfly effect.


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