Announcing a Contest! Inviting Designs for an Atheopagan Symbol!

We had a conversation on the Atheopagan Facebook group about a symbol for Atheopaganism, rather like the cross, star of David, crescent and star, pentacle, etc.

Now, I should say a bit about this. I have been of decidedly mixed opinion about whether we should have a symbol, and when I present the symbols for people to vote on, I will include a “None” option. Personally, I have used the two-acorn symbol above, and I wear an acorn around my neck. I will include this among the voting options, too.

But some folks have requested that we work together to select one (or more) designs for a symbol they can use to signify their status as Atheopagans, and that seems like a fun and interesting exercise for the community, so here we go!

Designs should have a roughly square aspect ratio (no more than 4:3). Please submit your design in a PNG or TIFF file with an explanation of the symbology to by June 30, 2018. 

Proposals will be submitted for reader consideration early in July.

Good luck!

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