A Good Enough Witch is the Best Witch

What do you want from your witchcraft? I don’t know about you, but from my Witchcraft, I expect results. In general, my Witchcraft should support an ecstatic relationship with a the world as it is, a world full of many different people, processes, and stories. It should help me make meaning of mortality, of the wheel of birth and death, to borrow a Buddhist term. It should support me in living well, in flourishing, in becoming fully human.

But Witchcraft isn’t practiced in general. Which chants do I sing for that? Which herbs do I burn? A leaf is not just a leaf, you know. Which stories do I tell? To which spirits should I make offerings? There are so many from which to choose. Choice is freedom, but a sea of choices is enough to douse even the brightest flame.

What I want from Witchcraft is an experience, a feeling, one that comes from getting lost in the singing, the burning, the storytelling, and the offering. In other words: time to stop haunting all the options and actually turn up at the altar. The magic won’t be perfect, but it will work, and it will be enough.

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